Ordering Diamond Wheels

1.Materials to be ground (What type of product do you produce?)
Name * Material *
Hardness * Size *
Removal * Required Surface Roughness *
Required Accuracy Tolerances *  
2.Machine Type (What kind of machine do you use?)
Type and Model * Spindle Capacity *
Type of Grinding * Wheel Revolution *
Peripheral Speed Feed Rate *
Depth of Cut Coolant Type *
Other Conditions  
3.Wheel Being Used (What kind of wheel do you use?)
Shape and Size  * Manufacturer
Specification *  
4.Quantity and Time for Delivery  
Quantity * Required Time for Delivery
5.Other Require ments  
Company * Mobilephone *
Email Telephone
URL Address *
We would appreciate if you could inform us of serial number ( engraved on the wheel ) , if any.
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